Weekend at Yogi’s

This long short story (or short novella) is based on a real life experience. I added in a nasty character modeled after an old boss. It’s a gas. Chapter 1: Intestinal Intuition Chapter 2: Hidden and Forbidden Sweets Chapter 3: Northern Journey Chapter 4: Oral and Moral Minefields Chapter 5: Forward Thinking Chapter 6: May the […]

“Weekend At Yogi’s”: A Short Story In Serial Form ~~~~ Chapter 9: Full Circle Path.

Natalie and Drew awoke together with a sudden, tandem snore.  Seemingly timed at exactly the same moment, it was as if they’d been sharing a demented dream where they each were sleep-walking down paths in a strange forest, abruptly waking up after bumping into one another where the paths finally converged. Natalie’s mind quickly went […]

“Weekend At Yogi’s”: A Short Story In Serial Form ~~~~ Chapter 8: Going Deep Within.

Natalie sat cross-legged on the floor and tried to display good posture for her first-ever Transcendental Meditation class.  Doing so eased the discomfort she currently felt under the waistband of her sweat-pants.  That’s pretty pathetic when even your sweat-pants are tight; I’m worse than George Costanza, thought Natalie, as she tried to push her shoulders […]

“Weekend At Yogi’s”: A Short Story In Serial Form ~~~~ Chapter 7: Floral Revelations.

Natalie and Drew sat on the edge of the loveseat in a futile attempt to alleviate the bloated sensation they constantly felt now at the Transcendental Medical Centre. For the past fifteen minutes, they’d been in their suite, trying to distract themselves from communal colic by watching a VHS recording of the famous guru, the […]

“Weekend At Yogi’s”: A Short Story In Serial Form ~~~~ Chapter 6: May The Wind Be Behind You.

Natalie wondered just how the hell she was supposed to enjoy this healing procedure being completely naked in a room alone with two strange women. They weren’t completely alone; there were several huge vats of oil.  And piles of towels.  And blue turbans. Natalie decided that keeping her eyes and mouth closed was advisable, for […]

“Weekend At Yogi’s”: A Short Story In Serial Form ~~~~ Chapter 5: Forward Thinking.

Natalie gazed around the “Taylor Suite” and marveled at the sheer bulkiness of the furniture.  Then, looking up, she exclaimed, “The ceilings are so high in here!  Which makes sense, considering the beds look like they were made for giants.  Everything is so big in this place.  Do you think they did that to trick […]